En Route for a Special Private Journey

Taiwan Free and Easy Travel private tour journey offers travellers a unique window to authentic Taiwan experience.

Travelling with a private driver with a unique itinerary planned by a specialized tour planner may be just the best way to enjoy a great holiday and the most suitable antidote to get away from your hectic life style and work.In today’s digital age where no one can truly escape from the world, a private car with a driver gives you a totally different perspective to modern day travel. This seamless sense of travel gives peace of mind with everything well taken care of. You can look forward to your journey with a sense of excitement and adventure, spending quality time with your family and loved ones.

Planned travel allows travelers a unique way to see a country that is often missed when travelling in a group tour. Private travel is the new age in travel now. In your own private car, it is all about comfort and style, freedom to stop and go any time. Sometimes, time to socialise with locals and fellow travellers or relax in the comfort of your private car.But the journey is more than just enjoying the scenery, it’s also about the adventure and the cultural experiences on offer in the different regions that you pass through.

Singapore Taiwan Free & Easy private tour journey offers travellers a unique window to authentic Taiwan. Guest can travel from one side of Taiwan to another and the surrounding islands like Lanyu, Shuqiu, Penghu and as far away as Kinmen in the northwest.

Private customised tours are very popular with international travellers and offer a lot of flexibility. Our guests are from all corners of the globe, but are predominantly Asians, with majority of them from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.At Singapore Taiwan Free & Easy private tour, we are seeing a trend to more experience led travel, where travellers are expecting more than just a holiday, one where they are gaining knowledge and insight about the people, culture and history of the country that they are visiting.A few exciting examples of this are the top notch hot spring area where private pools comes with total privacy and opens out to gorgeous views. Where our guests can do a cycle trip in a nature reserve in half the time needed. Where they get to know in advance, how to sample a particular famous local “bento meal” during a particular train journey. We get our guests to parts of Taiwan that are otherwise difficult to visit and deliver a truly exceptional experience from the comfort of a private transfer.