Another Migration for Taiwan Free and Easy

Happy New Year to all.
Is been a great start for the year.
Thanks to those who had contributed to our testimonials.
As a promise to our clients, and our resolution for 2013,
we have finally sorted out our clients testimonials.
Check them out now!

On a typical Sunday night, apologies to those who tried to access our website earlier.
Our website was down a couple of hours earlier due to a minor migration.
Yes, migrations always happen on Sundays to minimise inconveniences to our customers.
We are always working round the clock to best serve all our customers.
Well the good news is, we are now up and running.

For 2013, we are closed on Sundays and Mondays.
Though we will still try to answer emails as promptly,
do bear with us if you could not get us on Mondays 🙂

Here’s wishing everyone a good week ahead.

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