Taiwan Free and Easy Day 10 – A Different Perspective of Sun Moon Lake Through Trekking

This was a special day in Sun Moon Lake. Instead of joining the huge crowd to tour the Sun Moon Lake, we decided to trek up the 水涉山。It was a brave attempt because I was still having a serious diarrhea from the previous nights. My legs were soft like jelly but I persisted. 🙁 Check out this route: Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake Bamboo Forest

We started early in the morning at around 8 am, taking a bus from our accommodation. We had to figure out where the entrance to the route was. It seemed no one was interested in trekking, only cruising for there were only 2 lonely souls in the trail. First, we passed by huge bamboo forests. It gave me the creeps for there were too many bamboo ghost stories circling around. Our imagination started to run wild. There were 2 guys chopping the bamboo in the forest. We started to speed up.

Frankly, it was only a 5km trek, but we really underestimated the 5km for it was super steep. Every 2-3 steps I took, I had to stop to catch my breath. I was a regular trekker and this had never happened to me before. I refuse to believe that it was my diarrhea that caused me to be so weak. I really wished I have carried

Sun Moon Lake Mid Point

the oxygen tank with me. At mid point, Sun Moon Lake started to reveal itself. It was a very nice perspective, a quiet charming Sun Moon Lake that not many had a chance to tread before.

After 4-5 hours trek, we finally was reaching. Oh Boy, we were looking so much forward to the summit where glorious views surround. The anticipation was increasing. But alas, we sank to the bottom of the pit when we reached the summit. It was just a block with the name, indicating the height of the mountain and NO VIEWS! Yes, no views. What the…..The grass were too tall and block the gorgeous Sun Moon Lake. I thought about my jelly legs crawling every step to this BLOCK OF WOOD. My God, why was this happening!

Sun Moon Lake Piece of Block

Anyway, we did not have much time to lose. We started to descend as quickly as we could because time was running out for us. As it was winter, the sun set very early. We went round and round down the mountains. As we reached the first bamboo forest where we started, the guy that was chopping the bamboo told us to speed up because we may not in time for sunset. The thought of walking down in darkness sent the creeps down our spine and we ran with all our might. Funny enough, the moment the guy said that, the next moment he disappeared. We did not see him in our track thereafter.

We were very lucky to reach the exit the moment the sun set. As we finished our last step of the stairs, we turned our back to see what was behind us, it was just COMPLETE DARKNESS! We really could not imagine if we 5 minutes late!

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