Taiwan Free and Easy Day 11 – Sun Moon Lake to Guguan Hot Springs

After the horrendous trek at Mt Shuishe, we decided no more trekking for this trip.  We should enjoy ourselves leisurely from now on.  We have had an extra day in Sun Moon Lake, but it was getting too boring for 2 adventurous tourists, so we decided we would head to Guguan Hot Springs to soak our tiring legs.  That would be a wonderful reward for the two legs that worked so hard the previous day.

Guguan Rubbish Truck

We took a bus from Sun Moon Lake to Taichung Station via Nan tou bus at http://www.ntbus.com.tw/.  It was a close to 2 hours bus journey.  From Taichung Station, we took a Fengyuan Bus http://www.fybus.com.tw/bus8.htm from Taichung Station to Guguan.  It took us another 1.5 hours.  Finally we reached Guguan only to realise that it was a far journey from the station to the Hotspring Motel.  It was almost impossible to walk.  We called the motel to pick us up.  Guess what?  They came in a motorcycle to pick 2 persons with 4 bags.  They probably though that we came to Guguan in bikini with no bags.  So they had to get another vehicle to pick us up.  And to our astonishment, a blue lorry rubbish truck came by to ferry us and our bags.  Maybe we looked like garbage to them.  Ha ha ha.  It was a funny experience though.

Our hotel was very nicely done up with a hot spring attached in the balcony.  Suddenly it

Guguan Hot Springs

reminded me of Japan hour.  The price paid was about S$100 for that treatment.  The hot spring was a milk spring.  So after the hot spring, your skin felt clean and smooth.  Funny enough, after soaking into the hot spring, my diarrhea was finally cured.  Oh yes, finally.  After one week long of diarrhea! 🙂

Guguan Scenary

Guguan was located in the mountainous area of Poai Village and it was quite scenic just to walk around to soak in the local atmosphere.

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