Taiwan Free and Easy Day 12 – Guguan to Taipei

Guguan Scenic Area

Guguan is a scenic hot spring area with all the resorts offering different types of hot springs.  It is a place definitely not to be missed if you want to try Taiwan Hot Springs.   We had to leave for Taipei today.  Well, it was pretty sad to leave Guguan because that spelt the end of the scenic journey and back to the city.

We had to take a bus from Guguan to Fengyuan train station.  And

Dog Sunbathing

from Fengyuan train station, we would take a train direct to Taipei train station.  While waiting on the side of the streets for the Fengyuan bus, we came across this cutie little dog sunbathing in the streets.  It looked half awake.  Ha ha.

Fengyuan Train Bento

During our train journey to Taipei, we finally tried the train Bento.  We really could not believe it.  All the bentos were completely sold out!  Only a vegetarian bento was left.  Oh my God, I missed meat.  Anyway, it turned out that it was one of the best meal we have tried in our Taiwan trip.  Personally I thought Taiwan was very much influenced by Japanese culture in terms of service and food.  Their bentos were as good as the Japanese.

We ended the day checking into our Taipei hotel which was opposite the Taipei train station.  It was 30th Dec.  It seemed the whole city was crazy over the countdown on New Year’s Eve at Taipei 101 Shopping Mall.  Everywhere there were announcements.  We would see how spectacular it would be.

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