Taiwan Free and Easy Day 13 – Jiufen, Yeliu, Jinguashi, Keelung and Taipei Countdown

The breakfast at the Taipei Hotel was horrible.  It was cold toast, cold coffee.  Argghhh.  We really missed Minsu breakfast that was cooked with the heart.  I guess in city, because of the fast pace, it was hard to cook with the heart.

We hired a driver today to drive us to Jiufen, Yeliu, Jinguashi and Keelung.  Today was 31st Dec, last day of the year and everybody seemed to be in high spirits.  As we would be staying in a minsu in Jiufen, we gave it a miss because we could travel on our own.

Yeliu Broken Heart

So our first stop was Yeliu.  It was fun.  Yeliu is a place full of rocks like Perth’s Pinnacle because the rock layer of the seashore contained limestone texture and was subjected to sea erosion.  The most famous rock of all was the Queen’s head which everyone was trying to get a shot of.  While, one word of advice, if you were here, don’t bother to try and take it for there would be tourists standing there, unless you did not mind sharing pictures of yourself with them!

After Yeliu, we went to Jiufen to check in our luggage and headed to Jinguashi.  Hmm, I had to

Yeliu Scenary

say that the Taiwan advertisements in Singapore Chinatown MRT station was very successful.  For once, I thought I would be spending hours in Jinguashi seeing how scenic it was on the posters.  Alas, when I went there, I spent less than 30 minutes and was out of it.  It was famous for its gold and copper mines which were already depleted.

Yeliu Waterfall

The next stop was some waterfall which we could trek.  But after the Mt Shuishe trek in Sun Moon Lake, no more trekking.  So we took some pictures and went to Keelung.  The food in Keelung was good.  In fact, I would rate it as one of the best night market we have tried there.  The food were simply too appetizing.  Not forgetting the dessert!

After dinner, our driver said he would drive us back to Taipei to watch the countdown.  It was then we realised we made a mistake to be staying in Jiufen.  We would have to catch a cab back to Jiufen after the countdown which would take us 2 hours.  Oh my God!  Anyway, this year was supposed to be one of the grandest countdown for Taipei because they were doing some laser show on the Taipei 101 Shopping Mall.  We stood there waiting at 8pm till 12pm, freezing cold 9 degree outside.  Well, wouldn’t say it was the best, but it was much better than Singapore.  Check out Taiwan Free and Easy Tour Videos – Taipei 101 2010 Countdown Part 1


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Going back to Jiufen from Taipei was a nightmare.  No cab in the streets wanted to pick.  And it was so crowded that we had to walk 4 stations before a cab finally agreed to pick us.  He was a nice chatty chap who did not ask for extra money.  That left very good impression.  It was really a mistake to be staying in Jiufen!

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