Taiwan Free and Easy Day 2 – Kenting


Kenting Breakfast

After a good night sleep in the cosy Taiwan Minsu, it was time to explore Kentingitself. We had breakfast at this place called “Sanrosa”.  The service was really bad, they could not be bothered.  The food was not too bad, we had standard toast and eggs.  However, we would not return again.


We went for snorkelling in Nan Wan. You could book with the Minsu owner and someone will drive you there and back.  Well, the snorkelling was nothing to boast about.  It was very cold.  The funniest thing was that we had a snorkelling guide that escorted us everywhere in the water, worried that we would drown.  I find it very amusing. Until now,  we had no recollections of what we see in the waters. Ha ha!

We took our time to explore the town mostly by foot and enjoying the sun in the winter.

Kenting Sunset

Kenting is the most southern part of Taiwan that you could still experience some warm in the winter. We stopped by near the coast for the beautiful sunset before calling it a day.

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