Taiwan Free and Easy Day 3 – Kenting Day Tour

We wanted to see Kenting our way, so we went to rent 2 motorcycles and tried to see if we could manoeuvre. We tried riding it in a car park near our Taiwan minsu, but the guys who rented to us told us it would be too dangerous as we were not confident.  In the end, we had to hire a driver to bring us around Kenting.

The driver came at 9am sharp with a nice sedan car and off we were to our fabulous day trip of Kenting in style.



Our first trip was to 船帆石。It was a stone that resembled a sail from far in the sea. If you view it a distance away, it looked as if a boat was going for a sail. The beach around this area was famous for water sports in Kenting.

After that, we went to Eluanbi Park 鹅銮鼻公园。The lighthouse is the most famous landmark in the southern park of Taiwan. There are numerous paths for hiking in this park and an exhibition centre.

Next we went to Fengchuisha 风吹沙。It is situated near 佳乐水。The slumping cliffs were formed as a result of sandstorm caused by the wind and water erosion in the olden days.  After this, we went to 出火。It is a natural phenomenon. The fire is lit from the



natural gas coming from the ground.  When we were there, there were some vendors selling barbecued sweet potatoes using the fire from the ground.  Well, in my opinion, it somehow spoil the natural scene.

Kenting Famous Food

It was near noon time, so we went around hunting for fantastic food.  We asked our driver to introduce us to nice food that was famous in Kenting.  He brought us to this 恒春米糕城。It really looked very popular with lots of TV stars patronising the stall.  Business was very good. We ordered some 鲁肉饭with other dishes.  It was thumbs up for the dish for it was really fragrant and really yummy.  It is a must try if you are ever in this part of Taiwan.

After our full lunch, we went to take this submarine which will showcase the corals in Kenting underwater.  Well, as avid snorklers, we were always on lookout for new destinations to snorkel.  This was definitely one tourist destination in Kenting you could pass.  We saw NOTHING!  Apart from feeling giddy and nauseous from the lunch, the noise from the engine was making us go mad!  My guess was the driver had never been to this trip himself to trust him to make such a recommendation.

We then drove to 关山 which is renowned for its sunset.  We reached there around 4 plus


and walked around the park.  It was pretty interesting as we met a group of Taiwanese locals who were trekking as a group.  They brought with them portable kettle and coffee, making the coffee and sharing with everyone they met.  As it was quite chilly, the coffee came in time to warm us up.  The sunset was good and we ended our trip on a high note.

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