Taiwan Free and Easy Day 4 – Guanshan Biking

As we left Kenting, we left behind the warmth of Kenting, from its weather to its people and continued our journey northwards.  We would be going to Hualien next via Fangjiao, stopping by Guanshan for a biking trip.  Do not get confused this Guanshan with the Guanshan in Kenting for viewing sunset. 🙂

We took a bus from Kenting to Fangliao which was a 75 minutes journey.  The bus schedules were given below:


From Fangliao, we had to take a Taiwan Train to Taitung, changing to another train to Guanshan in Taitung.  All in all, the journey took us about 3-4 hours.  Maybe to some, it was really a hassle to keep changing.  However to us, the joy of a travel journey was able to connect places to places, stopping as and when you like and soak in the atmosphere of the local culture.  That is why Taiwan Free and Easy is established to allow you to have fun in your travels.  We finally reached Guanshan at 11 am 🙂  It was a cold morning with temperatures around 10 degrees and we were ready to start our biking tour.


Guanshan Bike Trail is the first bicycle trail and runs 15.2km long.  There are betel palm trees, brushes, brooks, and rice fields along the road.  It covered a mountain section and a water section.  We were very lucky as it was winter, no one was cycling.  We had the whole route to ourselves.  In spring and summer, due to its scenic scenery, it would be no wonder that the biking trail would be packed.

After the biking, we had lunch at 亲子公园。It was really deserted as it was winter.  A simple lunch affair and we put an end to our scenic trip. Check out Taiwan Free and Easy Tour Videos – Guanshan Cycling

We then continued our journey towards Hualien.  It would take us another 1.5 hours via train before reaching Hualien.  Enroute the scenery is captivating.  If you ever travellved via this route, do remember to take the evening train for you could catch the gorgeous sunset along the way.


We put up at 七星潭渡假飯店 near to 七星潭. It was near to the pacific ocean so it gave a very serene feel and yet not losing out on comfort.  More about Hualien in the next post!

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