Taiwan Free and Easy Day 5 – Hualien Biking Tour


The day started with us renting Giant bikes from the store near the 七星潭渡假飯店. The good thing about staying in Hotels around this area was that the rental of the bicycles was free.  The only thing was that, the rental hours started from 6am and end at 6pm.  The bicycles were of quality, all bearing the Giant brand.

The whole journey was 35.3km, double back will be 70.6km.  We did not know it was so long and being winter, the days were shorter, we only finished 25km, in total 50km.  It was a shame!  The route started with 德燕濱海植物園區 and going into 七星潭風景區. We had to cross some wooden stair, going into the nature park before reaching 南濱公園區. This part of the journey was not so enjoyable because we had to cycle part of the path on the road.  It was dusty and had a lot of big trucks coming by.  It was at times exciting!

Thereafter, the road was a lot more scenic, travelling in the fields with lallangs and flowers by the side. Check out Taiwan Free and Easy Videos – Hualien Cycling.  We were so hungry half way that we had to stop by a 7-Eleven for lunch.  Of course, part of the joy in the journey was getting lost and finding our way back.  It seemed that after lunch, with a full tummy, our brains started to take a rest.  Ha ha!

Anyway, we finally arrived back safely in the hotel around 5pm, just before the rental shop closed its door on us.  It was a very good experience Hualien had given us in terms of biking route 🙂  Check out the entire route here: http://tour-hualien.hl.gov.tw/bikeway/bikeway_01.html


After a hard day at work, we travelled to Hualien Night Market and had some food.  It was the start of a nightmare!  I had dumplings and 中正包子 and had diarrhea that lasted me for the next 7 days in the trip.  Avoid 中正包子 at all costs!


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