Taiwan Free and Easy Day 8 – Cingjing

The diarrhea still did not stop.  Despite having the best breakfast so far in Taiwan, I had no


appetite.  The owner of the Cingjing Taiwan Minsu told us that her mother was Yunan’s ethic tribe.  Taiwan’s government in the early days wanted to lure these ethic tribes into Taiwan, hence they were offered a lot of money to migrate to Taiwan.  And ethic tribe always preferred highlands, hence there she was in Cinjing.

The lovely lady of the Cijing Taiwan Minsu worked in Cingjing farm.  She was able to offer us free entrance tickets.  That was a bonus.  She really went the extra mile when she realised that we did not have transport services to the Farm.  She arranged for a neighbour to fetch us there.  We were just in time for the sheep show.

It was a farm on a bigger scale where there were activities scheduled.  However, it could only last you half a day. We roam around the surroundings enjoying the fresh air from the highlands and visited the Little Swiss Garden, which we felt you could easily give it a pass.

We finally check in to our next hotel for the night.  It was a fabulous hotel with wonderful views of the sunset.  You could catch sunset right at your doorstep with a cup of coffee.  We really had a feeling of living among the clouds!  Check out Taiwan Free and Easy Tour Videos – Cingjing Sunset

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