Taiwan Free and Easy Day 9 Cingjing – Sun Moon Lake

Initially, we had wanted to stay another extra night in Cinjing, thinking that we would have a lot to cover.  However, as it was winter, we could not trek to Mt He Huan and besides that, there was nothing much, we decided to move on.  It took me 2 hours to persuade the Guesthouse not to charge us for extra night.  That was why we felt their services could be better.


Our next destination was Sun Moon Lake.  We had to take a bus from Cingjing to Puli.  It was a local bus!  Most tourists would opt to have a taxi driving to Sun Moon Lake.  A local bus meaning you would be the only tourists and all the locals would look at you as if you just landed from outer space, but boy they were really friendly!  If you would like to soak in the local culture and interact with the villagers, here’s the timetable: http://www.ntbus.com.tw/5-21.htm

The journey took about 1 hour 50 minutes. At Puli, we had to change to another bus to Sun Moon Lake.

We finally reached Sun Moon Lake early in the morning, around 10 plus.  The intention was


to cycle around the track.  Yes, another cycling!  However, we gave up on the idea after seeing how commericalised the place was.  Besides, the path was not connected properly, meaning it was not a round trip around the lake.  Instead, we chose to walk and admire the scenary around the lake.  You could choose to take a cruise too.  But we want to enjoy the scenary slowly, so walking is the best!


As we finished our walk, we were just in time to catch Sunset outside Wen Wu Temple before catching a bus back to our guesthouse.




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