Looking for something more fun than your average kid friendly holiday? Our fully escorted kid friendly tour takes into consideration the needs of your family with safe private transport, offering shorter daily travel distances, stimulating kid friendly activities and exciting farm and home-stay (minshu). Kids love spending time with you! The entire family creates priceless moments when you learn, play and have fun discovering the world together.


Alpine Adventure in Cingjing

Enjoy the stunning green grassy plains of Cingjing with many unforgettable opportunities of getting up close and familiar with happy furry animals; feeding, touching or playing with them. It’s amazing to watch the free roaming sheep on the scenic alpine slopes. Add excitement to your kid’s experience by going for a horse ride!


Kids Style Family Safari – Leofoo Theme Park

This is a unique theme park resort with a difference! Built around a safari theme, kids get a thrill watching in awe as giraffes, antelopes, rhinos, zebras, ostriches and more roam around freely in the grounds. The resort’s safari rooms offer direct views of walking by animals and birds. Besides rides, shows and performances, the ease of animal interaction allows for an enriching, educational and rewarding experience.

Splendid Farm Simplicity – Flying Cow Ranch

Kids can’t get enough of Flying Cow Ranch! Learn everything about cow here; activities like making cow pudding and ice cream, baking cookies and cupcakes. More fun awaits them learning how to milk and feed a cow, paint a miniature cow drawing and more. Your kids will be kept busy feeding the sheep, watch duck parade and play with adorable rabbits. Not forgetting the turtles and fishes too. Back to nature and farm life with animals and kids together!


Paper Fun – Puli Paper Making

Learn the origin and history of paper at Puli Paper Making. It’s a fun and educational workshop on paper making and the types of crafts that can be created from it. Watch how your kids eagerly wait for their own hand made creation to dry; a one of a kind creation to bring home with amazing memories to treasure.

Art & Craft – Stationery Making

Introduce your child to the history of wooden toy production; a toy music box factory with DIY workshops. The “Nutcracker” DIY selection is a creation that may be a little challenging but it’s a beautiful choice to work on with your kid. If not, the clock is an easier package complete with paintworks. You will be amazed at how the hours fly by when your kid is completely engrossed.


Fruit Picking At Leisure – Strawberry and Grapes

Fruit picking is a fantastic adventure for the whole family; one that your kids will be talking about for years. Sweet strawberries or juicy grapes will depend on the season. It’s a lesson into the how of harvesting of fruits in a real farm and the first hand experience of tasting the fruits of their labor.

Celestial Blessings – Sky Lantern

Sending well wishes into the sky! One of the most memorable experiences; writing creative messages of blessings or good fortune with your kid and watching your prayers carried into the sky with this significant ritual. It’s a meaningful activity with loads of fun watching your lit lantern taking flight into the sky and carried away by the wind.