Price vs Quality in Taiwan Free and Easy

The most common enquiry we have received over the phone often has to do with price.  It is true that all of us have a budget when we embark on a trip.  However,  price is always very dependent on many factors such as number of people traveling, places you travel to and type of accommodation.  Most of the time, we are being benchmarked against the mass group tour’s price and was labeled as being “expensive”.

While we respect that most people have a budget and are budget traveler, (for thy information, I am always a backpacker and hence I know what it means to be on a budget), one have to be fair when you are making a comparison.

Group tour prices are always very attractive.  For less than $1k, you get to travel round the island
in 8 days and it covers many places.  However, what they did not tell you is, you are just one of the 40 passengers in a big coach, waiting to rush from one place to another.  Of course, not adding that itinerary consists of some dubious shopping areas where every cent you spend, some parts of it goes into the pockets of the driver and guide.   Regardless of the level of their service, you are forced to tip them.  At the end of the trip, you do not have any memories of Taiwan.  You only knew most time you are seated in the car, doing a trip marathon!

Now picture this, if you are just one of the 5 clients in a car, with a personal driver and guide
that allows you to spend as much time as you wish at certain places, or skip others if you would not like to go.  You do not feel rushed and you have enough time to understand the culture, the people as well as sample the food.  Tipping is discretionary, you only tip when the service is good.  You have memories of Taiwan that last a lifetime.  You remember the sky lanterns, the ethnic food and not forgetting the hospitality of the people.  you love Taiwan!

The next time before you pay, check out what you are paying for.

Nothing beats a testimonial from a client who has recently returned and felt the trip was worth every cent she paid for.  Check out what is the difference between the quality of tour service we offer:


Taiwan Free and Easy Quality ServiceMy overall rating for Taiwan Free and Easy is 5/5. The service was great, and it met out expectations despite us being skeptical at first. The driver S was excellent. Thumbs up for him and there is nothing negative to comment on him. He is very attentive, responsible and often went the extra miles!!

He will drive us to places with nice local food and upon request he made effort to drive us to places we interested in without any complains. (Even some places not mention on the itinerary).

Accommodation at Yilan was great, my family enjoyed the hot-spring facilities over there. However, hotel in Taipei was slightly cramp. I do undertsand that most hotel near Ximending are slightly small. Overall still satisfied with the accommodation.:)

I will not hesitate to recommend Taiwan Free and Easy to my friends and relatives. Is definitely worth the price!  EmojiEmojiEmoji

Traveled in April 2013
With 2 Other Relatives
Elycia Lee Zi Yu


22 comments on “Price vs Quality in Taiwan Free and Easy
  1. michael loong says:

    hi i m singaporean 1st time travel to taipei with my family 2 adults 3 kids (13,11,2 yrs old) for 9days 8 nights staying in min yi hotel near tai pei main mrt station..can i check what e price or how u charge?is by per day or per trip?thks

  2. David Livingston says:

    Hi can know more about free and easy travel to mountain country side of Taiwan.
    Accommodation near nearby and an estimated cost of the accommodation.

  3. Aida See says:

    Hi, My friends and I (total 4 of us) want to know about your free and easy travel to Taiwan. Pls quote us the price and places of interest that you can bring us. Our travel plan is from 14th – 18th of october 2013.

  4. Ms Lau says:


    I plan to travel to Taipei, Taichung and stay in a misu for a few days in mid Dec 13 for about 10 days all in with my husband and daughter (17 years old). I understand that I will need a confirmed ticket before sending you my request. When should I purchase my air ticket and send you my request?


    • Best Teo says:

      Hello Ms Lau,

      Thanks for contacting Taiwan Free and Easy.
      Preferably before end Sep you should confirm
      your flight as most hotels are quite packed already.


  5. Ms Lau says:


    So does it mean that if I can confirm my flight soon, I can email you the details so that you can start planning for our trip?


  6. Mdm Annie Yong says:

    hi, Can u quote me a price for my family 2 adults & 2 kids age 10 & 9. ETA Taipei 27/11/13 late night around 10-11pm & depart 4/12/13 around 10pm. We prefer 2 different types of farmstay which children can learn something & participate on it, theme park or maybe the Zoo, Taroko national park. We are from Malaysia.

  7. Ms Ng says:

    As a confirmed ticket is required before sending you my request, and you mentioned in an earlier post that we should do this by end Sep for travel in Dec, is it now too late to have you plan something for me. I can try to book tickets over the next 2 days. Thank you.

  8. Doris Ong says:

    Hi Best,

    We are travelling to Taiwan on 02 Dec. A group of 7 pax consists of 4 adults and 3 children (age 6,9 &6). We have booked Yun Hsien Resort for 2 nights (02 & 03 Dec) and King Shi Hotel from 3 nights (04 – 07 Dec).

    Can we check how will you charge for the transports for the following:-
    1. Tao Yuan Airport to Wulai Yun Hsien Resort
    2. Wulai Yun Hsien Resort to Taipei King Shi Hotel
    3. 1 day tour
    4. Taipei King Shi Hotel to Tao Yuan Airport

    Thank you.
    Have a great weekend ahead.

  9. Doris Phan says:

    Hi Best Teo,

    Just wondering if you do just a one day tour from Taipei to cover Jiufen, Shifen, Ruifang and back to Taipei? For 4 persons. This one day itinerary would be on Dec 5 2013!
    How much would it be and or more convenient compared to going on our own?
    Looking forward to an interesting and meaningful time with you if possible.


  10. phoon says:

    hi, myself and mywife plan to have a self drive trip around sep 2014. We had previously self drive in taiwan early this year. I wonder can we engage you to plan and book the hotels for us thr the trip of 8 days. we plan to start and end in taipei as easy for flight and rental of car. thank you

  11. cass says:

    Can u quote us a price of 2 adults& 1 child, we plan to travel on 17Feb till 23Feb2015, We wud like to visit some places of interest eg. Jiufen & Taichung place of interest esp feng jia nite market. Are u able to book hotel & make the necessary arrgmt for us.

  12. Lydia Lee says:

    Hi Sir ,
    Mi & my husband I will be in Taiwan on holidays 14/9 – 21/9 (sun). 7 days
    We would like to stay 2 days free & easy in taipei.
    & would like to have minsu stay , hotel with personal in-room hot spring facility ,
    Bullet train ride experience, farm stay, Taichung , Alilisan , etc….
    Hope to hear from you soon .

  13. Zanne says:


    If i want to book for mid Oct tour now, is it too late? It will be a 5D4N trip.

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