Strawberry Picking in Taiwan

Strawberries are every epicureans delight. They can be sweet or sour; bright rosy red berries that are simply a delight to the eyes. Strawberries can be eaten in every pBERRIESossible way. Strawberries can be put in pies, cakes, icecreams and every dessert the world over. They can be blended for the juice, or to make milkshakes, or to place inside sweet, savoury chocolates. And of course, it can be consumed just as it is, fresh and sweet.

Strawberry picking is a simple joy to most city dwellers. In a sun-soaked verdant field, far away from the hectic bustle of everyday urban life, the rows upon rows of green bushes, branches heavy with ripe red fruit, is a sight for sore eyes indeed. A whole day, with the only concern being that of picking fruit, rather than paying taxes or rushing project work or schoolwork. Relaxing in the breeze, feeling it stir your hair, enjoying the feel of the sun warming your skin… Touching and plucking doens upon dozens of strawberries…strawberry picking is a memorable experience indeed. Strawberry picking can be a great way to destress and to live back the old days of humanity, where most of the population lived carefree rural lives.

But forget about European farms for strawberry picking. Just not much further north, the island of Taiwan provides bountiful opportunities for any budding amateur strawberry farmer. The rich soil of the island is more than sufficient to grow the bushes of the berry.

The strawberry-picking season for Taiwan is from December to April, where the fruit is at its richest. Dahu and Zhoulan townships are praised as the “townships of fruit” in Taiwan. The mild climate of the northern provinces, as well as the fertile soil make it an excellent place to grow sweet fruits. Besides strawberries, the farms of these townships produce other vegetables and fruits as well, from tangerines to mushrooms and chilli peppers. Most ostrawberryf these farms are also situated on hills, giving a commanding and beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. At these farms, there are a few strawberry activities as well, such as hand-making strawberry jam. There are also stores where one can purchase fresh farm produce, as well as strawberry products like ice-cream and cake. At the end of the strawberry-picking activity, you are allowed to take away all that you have picked. Bright red, dimpled strawberries, unspoiled by conventional pesticides and fertilizers, sweet and fragrant to the taste, are the true soul food. Enjoy the sweet, slightly sour taste of strawberries, as their juice run down your chin.

To pick strawberries, you must first grasp the stem just above the berry between the forefinger and the thumbnail and pull with a slight twisting motion.strawberryyyy With the stem broken from the berry, allow it to roll into the palm of your hand. And obviously, pick only the brightest red strawberries; strawberries do not ripe after they are plucked.

Taiwan Free and Easy Travel delights in bringing clients to the more secluded strawberry-picking spots where they are ensured a quiet and enjoyable time, giving you an unforgettable experience. Do contact us if you are interested!

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  1. Phyllis says:

    If I am going to Taipei on 2 Dec 2017, would there be any strawberries to pick? And may I know what farms/orchards are there in Yilan which we can go to pick fruits?

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