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Recently,  we are seeing a huge increase in enquiries for Taiwan Free and Easy Travel with regards to scenic rail tour.  An idea immediately strike us!  Scenic rail tour is something very close to all the partners’ heart.  It was in fact one of the reasons that pushed us to start Taiwan Free and Easy.  However, due to demographics of clientele that we are serving (about 90% of our clientele are families with young kids and elderly), we are unable to push forward the idea for a long period of time 🙁

Before we started Taiwan Free and  Easy Travel, most of our vacation trips were done mainly using public transport (Trains, High Speed Rail, Ferries, Bus, Taxis), you name it, we have done it.   For example in Hong Kong, on the last day of our trip (with flight at 8pm), we would wake up early in the morning, deposit our bags in the hotel, take the MTR to Central station, take the ferry across to Lamma Island and do some light hiking for a couple hours, finish up with a seafood lunch in one of the villages, take the ferry back to Central, grab a cab to the hotel for a quick shower and hop on the Airport Express to the airport for our flight back to Singapore.  If you do a quick count, that is 5 modes of transport in a single day!

It is the ability to plan and connect the different places logistically that made the trip memorable and exciting.  When you travel on public transport, you immerse in the local culture and you are able to appreciate the country more.

Our favorite has to be the rail journey.  Somehow, rail has always been something close to our hearts.  Beside it being a form of transport, we enjoyed the nostalgic feel of sitting in the train, waiting in anticipation for the journey to take off to bring us to the next destination.  Once the journey started, apart from enjoying the beautiful scenery that kept changing all the time, it was a good time to sit back and reflect about life.

After much discussion among the partners, we decided to push forward the idea of Taiwan Free and Easy Adventure Tour, the very idea that gave birth to Taiwan Free and Easy Travel.  In fact, we did our own Adventure Tour in Taiwan annually during our site visits.  Hiring local private drivers who knew the nitty gritty of the places, and being exposed to things that most tourists never have a chance to.  For example, in our last trip, we were driven to a local strawberries farm, away from the main touristy farms.  At a time when most strawberries were small and sour, and bald (plucked off by the tourists), we had to ourselves a whole strawberries farm, allowing us to pick and choose the best, with no pressure to buy.  That was what we call an EXPERIENCE!

Taiwan Free and Easy Adventure Tour was to provide the coherent experience to our customers, the feeling of anticipation, reflection as well as excitement in finding some gems (hidden spots) along the way.

If you want to experience and see Taiwan in a different light, contact us now to know how we can make a difference to your experience.


5 comments on “Taiwan Free and Easy Adventure Tour
  1. Catherine Suen says:

    I would like to enquire about the free and easy itineries to taiwan. My travel period will be around 29 Oct 14 to 6 Nov 14. In a group of 6 person 2 adult 1 senior citizen and 3 kids age from 12 to 14.
    I would like to have a few days stay at taipei and 2 days at taichung or kaoshiong. If possible to arrange for a day of farmstay and can go to hot spring or some scenary places.

  2. Andy Lim says:

    I intended to stay about 10 days in Taiwan inclusive 2 days to/fro airport. Would like to cover as much of Taiwan as possible. The famous Sunmoon Lake, Alishan, Taroko Gorge, etc which may involve a bit of hiking, I not sure. Night market, street foods, etc. Please advise and also the cost. Thank you.

  3. Mrs tan says:

    My daughter intent to go for DIY to Taiwan with friends. can u advise for free n easy adventure tour for teenage of 18 yrs old 3girls 2boys traveling to Taiwan from 8th dec that week. What would u recommend n cost of it. They prefers scenic with farm stay n some adventure experience. Can they still have adventure tour during winter.

    Will u book flight for them too?

    Mrs tan

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