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The greatest satisfaction of working in Taiwan Free and Easy is when clients come back sharing their stories and experiences.  Most importantly with photos of the various scenery.  Our aim of Taiwan Free and Easy is to share with our clients, the various wonderful sights and experiences Taiwan has provided for us.

Taiwan has made a difference in our lives, from the sights that it offers to the hospitality that the people have.  Taiwan has taught us how to serve from our heart,  just like how we serve each and every of our client.  They joy is enormous when you are truly of service to someone.

Here’s a recent testimonial from our client who has experienced the 6.1 earthquake in Sun Moon Lake:
angela-foongIt’s been about a week since we came back from Taiwan. Sorry to take a while to write you the feedback.

We are indeed pleased with our local guide/driver, Mr Wong’s service. He never fails to put us as his first priority. While traveling in his cab, our daughter developed car motion sickness as journeys were long and winding. She vomited several times over the 9 days of travel but he never once complained and instead, he was very concerned about our daughter and prepared several plastic bags and tissues for her.

In addition, he volunteered on one occasion to queue up to buy 葱油饼 for us while we strolled around Wufengchi waterfall. Spade also made several impromptu suggestions to us during our trip so that we can fully maximize our free time by going to places that were more interesting. For example, after we reached Leofoo resort, he actually drove us out to one of the old market street to shop around and try out the Go-kart (which my daughter enjoyed alot). He also went an extra mile in staying out late with us when we went to walk around Shilin night market at 8-9+pm.

We are indeed pleased with Mr Wongs attentive and cordial service.

We enjoyed ourselves most of the days based on the itinerary designed.  We were very satisfied with the quality and service of the hotel. Leofoo resort was indeed a unique experience for all of us and we believe families with young kids would enjoy it a lot.

Last but not least, our unexpected surprise during this trip was to be able to experience a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in sun moon lake on 27.03.13 and escaped unscathed!

Thank you for your service. You have always been prompt in replying to all our queries. We’ll definitely recommend our friends if they ever want to hire a private travel planner for their Taiwan trips.

Angela Foong
Traveled in Mar 2013
With Mother in Law,
Husband and Daughter

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