Taiwan Free and Easy Day 14 – Jiufen-Taipei

Scene from Jiufen B&B

It was a horrendous ride from Taipei to Jiufen just to check in to that silly Minsu. We reached 4am in the morning. It was really silly to travel 2 hours just to check in. Well, it was a lesson learnt. We woke up at the Minsu hardly enjoying the scenery at all. We had a good view of the sea from our window though.

As breakfast was served in the main block, we had to walk about 5 minutes to the

Jiufen Breakfast

restaurant. When we approached the restaurant, it was a very “cold” feel. The hosts did not have the usual warmth as of the rest of the Minsu owners. They did not even bother to initiate any conversation. Frankly, a success minsu is only successful if the hosts had a heart to serve. To me, the hosts who are a couple were not interested in our business at all. I guess they were popular because they were always here in Singapore Natas fair every year. Breakfast was a simple affair of toast and coffee.

After breakfast, we walked around Jiufen, the old charming town. It was my second time to Jiufen, but I was still very charmed by the rustic feel of the town and of course the various sweets and desserts on sale there.

We departed for Taipei around noon time and laze around in Taipei for the rest of the day. We went to Ximengding Taiwan Night Market for dinner to end the day.

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