Taiwan Free and Easy Day 15 – Taipei Floral Show

Today was our full day in Taipei.  We were contemplating to go Yangmingshan or the Taipei Floral show.  We decided on the latter because it was a rare exhibition, as for Yangmingshan, we could always revisit it again.

When we reached the destination, there were people everywhere.  Upon entrance, we realised that for certain exhibitions, we would need to queue to get the tickets and we could only enter at specific times.  After queuing for the tickets, we had to come back at the specified times to queue to enter.  Argghhh, queue and queue and queue.  Somehow, they imitated the Singaporean’s culture of queuing.  Anyway, we only managed to queue for one set of tickets to view the Bonsai show.  Finally, I am a “flower idiot”, really do not know how to appreciate flowers nor bonsai.  To me they all looked the same 🙁

We decided no more queuing, so we went to the outdoor exhibition and took some pictures.  It was truly disappointing for we were there for maybe around 3 hours before we went Taipei for shopping.  No wonder at that time, there were a  lot of bad publicity of the Taiwan Floral Show.  Frankly, it paled in comparison from Hokkaido’s Farm Tomita.

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