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It is always heartening to receive good reviews, especially in the beginning of the week.  Another client of ours, Wong Hui Hui wrote to us about her recent experience to Taiwan.  She is also another group of clients that experienced the 6.1 earthquake near Nantou, Sun Moon Lake.

Luckily, they just felt some tremors.  We were glad that they made it to see the last of the cherry blossoms by switching her itinerary around 2 days before her trip, at least we helped to fulfill “a small wish” of theirs.

In Taiwan Free and Easy, our mission is to serve.  Like our client said it, our service did not end after the trip planning.  We plan the itineraries as if we are the one who is traveling.  Hence, we know what kinds of hotels will bring the smiles on your face to the kind of scenery you can expect to marvel in the years to come.  And we made sure you are always well taken care during your trip should you need something from us.

Just as in all line of service business, we may not be able to please everybody, but we strive to bring out the best Taiwan can offer and improve upon every feedback and recommendations our clients have to offer us.  That is why, feedback is important to us!

Check out what Hui Hui has to say about us:
As we were traveling with 4 elderly and very little time to plan for it, we engaged Taiwan Free & Easy Travel to plan and arrange for our trip, despite this being our 3rd trip to Taiwan. And we were glad we made that decision. The replies always came promptly and the planning was well-catered to our preferences for location, food and lodging arrangements.

I am especially impressed with their patience with my last minute changes  (2 days before the trip) to accommodate a trip to Danshui to catch the cherry blossoms. We all know how difficult it was to ‘time’ cherry blossoms and should Best didn’t accommodate with my last minute changes,we would have to miss it!

What truly impressed me was that Taiwan Free and Easy Travel service did not end after trip planning. They were always timely with their responses due to unforeseen circumstances that occur during the trip.  Best’s prompt service can also be exemplified by her almost immediate response when I contacted her from Taiwan to re-arrange for hotel payment or to clarify the change in transport arrangement.

Lastly, her sms to check on our well-being once she heard of the news of the earthquake that occurred during our trip also impressed upon us.

I would highly recommend their services to anyone considering a tailored itinerary.

Wong Hui Hui
Traveled in End Mar
With Husband and
4 Other Seniors

2 comments on “Taiwan Free and Easy – Going the Extra Mile
  1. Lydia Lee says:

    Hi Sir , Madam ,
    I, & husband bothof us will be in Taiwan on14/9 (1800)- 21/9.(1530 ) (holidays)
    we intend to have free & easy trip .
    My intend to stay cingjing farmstay , alisan watching sunset rising in room.
    Any recommendation from you ?
    Hear from you soon

  2. Yin says:

    Hello I have not been to Taiwan! I have no idea of how to travel around. my friend and I are 58, we would like on a relaxing holiday, spend 2 days in the busy city eating and discovering street food then travel to scenic Taroko Gorge and stay for a few days in total about 8 days. From 3-11May 2017.
    What do you suggest?

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