Lee Song

Hi Best,
Thank you for the great itinerary. We had a great time although it rained practically everyday except for the last 2 days in Taipei. Nevertheless, it was a great experience, seeing the weather change almost every minute, 1 minute misty and then clear again. However, no walking among the clouds and no star gazing.
Mr Lim, our guide cum driver, was also wonderful, telling us about the places we visited and looking after our needs. We had to skip the Swiss Gardens and sheep farm cos of the rain. It was nice of him to recommend ChungTai Monastry in Puli. The brothers enjoyed the museum. We also liked the local eating places he brought us to. We also enjoyed the stop at the freeway. It is really amazing with so much shopping! Think Mr Lim was amazed cos it was supposed to be a pee break but we were there for more than a hour. BTW, what is the rate for tips? We hope we gave enough.
The minsus/hotels were good. Mr Lee, owner of Yilan minsu, prepared a wonderful breakfast of porridge accompanied with home-grown vegetables. The mistress of Hualien minsu was very friendly sharing her vast knowledge of the different kinds of stones. Cingjing minsu was good too. Sent a pic to our children and they commented ‘ no need to go to Europe’. The owners were friendly, mingling with the guests. Thanks also for recommending Lu Ma Ma to us.
Taichung Hotel was also good although the breakfast could be better. However, we would not recommend In-House at Chengdu Road. We had to walk in from the main road with our luggages. Fortunately, it did not rain while we were there.
My husband and I would like to go again in March to catch the Tung Blossoms. We want to pak tor.