Lynette Tan


1. How do you rate our service in terms of arrangement for your trip? Do we meet your level of expectations?

Your service has been prompt and never fail to address any concerns/questions that we have during the planning stage.

2. Are the accommodations up to standard? If no, what can be further improved?

Apart from the first evening at the Taipei Hotel, the rest of the accommodations have been great. Initially we were worried about spending the last 3 nights in the same Taipei Hotel but to our pleasant surprise, they have allocated another room that is newly refurbished and we love the room much better than the room on the first evening. Hence overall, the accommodation were great. My family especially the kids love the min su in Qingjing and the hotel in Leofoo resort.

3. How do you rate the service of the driver? Did he meet your level of expectations?

Mr  Lee has been very friendly and hospitable. He offered great advice as a local especially for food. He will always locate us and offered us umbrella wherever we are if he saw that the skies is turning dark. My kids adored Mike shu shu (as they affectionately called him).

4. What was the best part of the trip (please share all your stories 🙂 ) ?

This is a difficult question as we love every part of it! What went beyond our expectation is the action by a replacement driver for one day when Mr Lee had to attend a course. He was equally hospitable and he went the extra mile to ask his wife to purchase Baby Boss’s tickets for us when he heard from Mr Lee about our plans to visit Baby Boss the next day. He has gotten the tickets at a better price package as compared to us purchasing online or on-site. Furthermore, when he heard that we have not tried the fruits in Taiwan, he has also gotten his wife to buy pineapples, peeled and cut into smaller pieces for us to sample. I LOVE the pineapple! A pity we couldn’t find the same taste in SG. We really appreciate the extra mile that both drivers took to make our vacation a much better one.

5. What other areas need improvement?IMG_1635

We planned for the trip to be F&E as we do not like to rush especially with an elderly and 2 kids on tow. Overall, the itinerary is good except that the second day was slightly packed so we opt to skip certain location like the Liyu Lake and postpone the trip to Hehuan shan to the next day when Mr Lee told us that the day will be very packed and rushed if we want to cover the places as per the itinerary.

6. Would you recommend us to your friends ?

Yes, definitely! In fact, I have friends that are asking me to share my itinerary. And we will be planning a trip to Kenting, Gaohsiung, Hualien and Yilan as recommended by both drivers.