Mohan Pillay

Dear Best,
We are back from a really nice trip to Taiwan.
We really enjoyed the accommodation you arranged for us and the scenery was really great. The children also enjoyed the fact that the accommodation started basic (in nice environment) and kept getting more luxurious as we moved on – kept them in suspense!

Mr Vincent Wen (our T5 driver/guide) was excellent – very good command of English and very knowledgeable. Also sincere and honest in considering our needs / preferences. His T5 was in really good condition and he was a safe driver.

Thanks very much for planning and coordinating this trip for us. Thanks also for tailoring the trip to our requirements e.g. less crowded places, more scenery, slower pace etc. All spot on. Interestingly, we went to even fewer places than on the itinerary – we told the driver we want to see less and go free and easy.

Overall, it was a great trip. Will definitely recommend your services to my friends and family.

Traveled With Family