Mrs Del Ng

Service was good and met out expectations. Accommodations at all places were up to standard. No complaints about that. In cases where we wanted to add on bed for my son, it was easily done at hotel reception at a charge.

I think our trip was made very enjoyable and pleasant by the driver we had. He was very patient, very pleasant and provided just the right amount of information. Very satisfied with his service.

The one thing I want to feedback is this: I obtained your contact just by browsing the internet and reading a couple of reviews. My husband was very skeptical about this service and was worried that you guys were just going to run off with the money and just send us dud confirmation of bookings. Perhaps there is some way to provide clients with an assurance of your credibility, and establishment as a good and reliable service provider (some approval from relevant tourism agencies in Taiwan?). I hope this is useful to you.

With Husband and 3 Young Boys