Sheila Kwok

Hi Best, my family and I are back from the Taiwan trip. We have a fabulous time in Taiwan – blessed with good weather, a superb tour guide and bus driver. 👍🏼👍🏼

We deviated from the itinerary slightly. Manage to go sun moon lake and take the high speed train. ☺

The accommodation was great such that we get to experience hotspring hotel, sea facing minsu, resort in the mountain, farm resort, safari hotel and 5 star hotel.

Yilan room took us by surprise, it was so spacious and luxurious. The King bed was ginormous, and the hot spring pools were excellent.

Bayview hotel was small and basic, but the sea view and cycling trail were great.

Seasky resort sunrise was beautiful but bathroom facilities for the 6 pax were a lil too basic for our comfort.

Top cloud resort view was breathtaking but full of bugs in the night! 😅 At HeHuan Shan, we managed to climb one of the mountain led by our driver. That was a wonderful experience as we were the cloud at the peak of the mountain.
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Flying cow accommodation was great but the DIY activities manned by students were a complete let down. We signed up ice cream making and cake making. Aft they gave us the tools to make ice cream, we were v much left on our own and was told to wash up the stuff aft we r done. The student were totally disinterested, they were eating and on the phone at the back. The cake making activity was cancelled so we left the farm for the 新竹. The farm activities in the morning was fun.

Overall the trip was a very very good one. Thank for your excellent planning and getting 玉珍 as our tour guide.WhatsApp-Image-20160606