Yvonne Tan

Hi Best,

Thanks for the memorable & fruitful trip that you have planned for our whole family of 6 from 31st May to 06th June 2014.

The driver uncle is really friendly & helpful and he is the person my kids missed the most after the trip. Appreciate all your help along the way making this trip so much smoother.

This trip is really well planned with all the different experiences that we encountered both on sight seeing and the comfortable stay that we had in the different areas.

My kids got the chance to stay in their favourite Doraemon-themed room, having dinner in their dream Hello Kitty Restaurant.
We got a chance to stay in the midst of a zoo after a long day exploring the themed park.
Cooking fresh eggs & corns in the spring water for lunch while the kids got naked in playing in the spring water.

The night stay in Hot Spring hotel is so.. comfortable.
First time going to the famous Spring Onion Farm, making & trying the Chong You Bing is a real experience.
The waterfall is an amazing sight, having fresh seafood at the fishing port makes our day.
My eldest daughter enjoyed the chance of playing fireworks most at the Minsu. I enjoyed my selfie with the goat reared by the Minsu friendly couple the most, so up-closed & personal with my favorite animal. LOL.
My hubby love the trip up to Qing Jing Nong Chang the most, staying in the Shan Zhuang is real awesome, the view is breath-taking.
The weather there is fantastic. Last destination at Flying Cow, raining, had some fun under the rain though.

Love their fresh milk and all their daily milk products like shampoo etc, bought a lot of them back to use :D:D:D

Thumbs up for all your effort, look forward to our next trip with you!

Thank you & have a nice day ahead.

Yours sincerely,
Yvonne Tan
(Mother of 3kids)