Taiwan Free and Easy's service was good. They replied promptly to my queries and helped me to settle my trip quickly and efficiently. The accommodations were good. The minsu owners were all very hospitable and welcoming. The driver that took…Read more..
- Chen Zhiyun
Hi Best, We are back from Taiwan. Though it rained 6 out of the 8 days we were there, we managed to have lots of fun. We loved the food at the night markets and the kids had voted Keelung…Read more..
- Lim Boon Swee
We've returned to Singapore safely. Everything went well. The drivers are all excellent drivers. With Family and 85 Year Old MotherRead more..
- Isaiah Lee
I must say that Taiwan Free and Easy's service is excellent for accommodating our last minute schedule. The arrangement of the itinerary is generally good. The driver is acceptable despite him being unfamiliar with Taipei. The dinner at the Safari…Read more..
- Valerie Seah
We enjoyed our trip immensely immensely, despite the bad weather. Going again in September. Awaiting Taiwan Free and Easy recommendations. With Husband and 3 Year Old DaughterRead more..
- Stacey Foo