Yilan has become increasingly popular as the city offers a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city with the tranquillity of rustic minus. Natural paradise at its best!

Tired of the usual glittering, world-class cities for your family tours? Want something a little more off the beaten-track? More relaxed, more laid-back, more countryside views? Well it’s time to try Yilan, Taiwan for a visit!

Located in the north-eastern part of Taiwan, the county is situated close to Taipei. An airplane ride to Taipei, then a short hour-long car ride will bring you to Yilan in less than a day. The rid will let you soak up the scenery

A must-see is the Wufengchi Waterfall. A short walk through the lush forests will bring one to the prize: the breath-taking sight of five waterfalls, two of them overlapping each other vertically, surrounded by ever-green trees. The crystal-clear water cascades down the grey rock of the sheer cliffs, a sight to behold indeed. Well-planned and well-maintained trails allow less vigorous elderlies to enjoy the sights as well. There are many pavilions and benches along the trails as well. Stalls along the way and at the entrance of the park sell umbrellas, food, beverages and a host of other things. A comfortable and safe environment to view the beauty of natural wonders? Worth a visit definitely!

The Luodong Night Market would be a great place as well. The island’s largest night-market, make the visit on an empty stomach. No need to thank us for that tip! Try the signature Yilan dish, angelica mutton soup. A fragrant broth, with tender meat and rich and filling, this soup will have you slurping it up. Just the sort of thing for cold Yilan nights No trip to a night market would ever be complete without Taiwanese chicken steak as well, thick with a light coating of batter. People with a sweet tooth will definitely need to try the local bean curd, the ice cream and peanut rolls, as well as the red bean stuffed tapioca pearls. Great food, great life!

The soothing waters of the Jiaoxi Hot Springs can help soothe old joints and relax stressed minds as well. These hot springs make Yilan one of the favourite tourism spots in Yilan. These waters are rich in minerals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium. Mineral-rich water is great for the body. Long luxuriating soaks in the hot water…great de-stressing idea. Another spring worth visiting in Yilan is the Suao cold springs, where the water of these springs are actually, yes you guessed it, icy cold. This phenomenon only occurs in Taiwan and Italy, so do pay a visit!

Try to make time for Guishan(Turtle) Island as well. While the number of tourists allowed is controlled, it is meant to protect the spectacular natural environment there. The island got its name because its shape resembled that of a turtle. Surrounded by the sapphire blue ocean and set against a backdrop of azure skies, Guishan Island is a magnificent sight-seeing opportunity. Beautiful coastal views on white sandy beaches, sunsets dropping into the orange-lit ocean and amazing ocean life. Whale-watching can be conducted there, seeing the massive peaceful beasts cruise in the ocean. Long slow walks on the beach are a great way to unwind. Beach picnics and play can be a way to bond the family together! Kids and elderlies alike will enjoy the visit; youngsters for the fun and mature elders for the peace and serenity!

A place of interest would be the Jimmy Plaza. Situated in front of the Yilan Train Station, the plaza features statues, exhibitions and murals of characters and scenes from picture books written and drawn by Jimmy Liao, a famous Taiwanese illustrator. There is even a suspended toy train hanging above the heads of pedestrians strolling in the plaza. The cute drawings will be a great hit with children and adults alike!

Yilan is great for some quiet family fun away from all the tourist hotspots! Bring you family there and enjoy what it can bring! Contact us at Taiwan Free and Easy for us to plan your vacation to perfection!

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