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Xiaoliuqiu, a small island off the coast of southwestern Pingtung County, Taiwan, is a wonderful place for an overnight stay. Brimming with mystery, adventure and plain outdoor fun, the small island, barely 6.8 square kilometres, offer plenty for the adventurous visitor. The island is the only coral island among the 14 islands of Taiwan, and looks like a drifting ball on the sea. This is how its name was derived, 小琉球, Chinese for “small drifting ball”. The island can accessed from a ferry terminal at Dong Gang next to the Huaqiao Fish Market. The ride takes around 20 minutes.

Xiaoliuqiu is a true paradise on earth. Blessed with good weather all year round, its summers are warm, and with a cool and comfortable winter, visitors only have to fear the typhoons that very rarely hit the island. Geographical marvels are rife on the island; standing rock formations, reefs and sand-beaches. Crystal-clear water, white sand, as well as underwater beauties make the place a Mecca for beach-goers. The island does not only possess natural beauty, but is also a cultural treasure. Traditional Chinese temples can be found across the entire island, most of them decades old and untouched by the Japanese occupation. Visitors are highly recommended to rent scooters to visit the entire island, which can be explored quickly in a 30 minute ride along the central highway.

For visitors simply wishing to take a break from everyday life, renting a minsu or a Bed and Breakfast room, then taking a long walk along the scenic beach will go a long way in soothing troubled minds. A stay at Xiaoliuqiu without taking a look at its natural scenery is a waste of time however.

The Wildboar Trench is definitely worth an hour of your time, as well as the price of the admission ticket Little Liuqiu Island 小琉球as well. It is a maze of trails leading through a grove of banyan trees, boxed in by coral caves on all sides. Some trials even go through some extremely narrow rock passages, where the visitor can only see slivers of the sky, the full view blocked by the banyan trees and coral caves. The lush forest, the ancient rock caverns make the place simply beautiful. It feels like one is treading inside a giant underground cave, albeit one lighted by the sun and overrun by tall banyan trees.

There is also a large rock formation, known as the Flower Vase Rock. It looks like it was taken straight from the Yeliu Geographical Park. With grass and moss growing at the top, the oddity looks as if it was a common houseplant.xiaoliuqiu1

Another attraction would be the Black Ghost Cave. Named because of its bloody history, a group of Portuguese sailors once hid in the caves after stealing from the British. After discovering their hiding place, the British lit a fire and burned them alive. It is a labyrinth of canyons and passageways through a large rock cliff. There is a coastal observation pavilion near the Black Ghost Cave. Visitors resting in the pavilion will be able to see dozens of large green turtles. The waters of Xiaoliuqiu are well stocked with many dozens of these aquatic creatures in great abundance rarely seen elsewhere.TURTLE

Snorkelling can also be done on the island, with many companies offering services. Large coral reefs are just off the coast of the island, with aquatic life flourishing. The bright blue waters, good weather and bright sun make the late afternoon a good time to snorkel. The crystal clear waters make the seas around Xiaoliuqiu the perfect place for some underwater exploring.

Taiwan Free and Easy can suit your needs to your vacations. Xiaoliuqiu is truly a great place to visit for anyone trying to relax. If you are interested do give us a shout-out! Email or call us!




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